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GOBLET OF FIRE 1st December 6.20pm session


I will be seeing GOF at 6.20pm on this coming thursday.

I will be wearing a Gryffindor Uniform (exactly the same as movie 3/4 uniform) and I will have a redwood wand. I will be in a small group and at least 3 of them will also be wearing cloaks. At least 2 Gryffindors, 1 Slytherin and one with a snake-headed cane. Our badges will all be stickers.

Anyone else there apart from Silverharmony going to the same session?

I will be there from around 5-5.30pm and I will line up as soon as they allow me to. So if you get there a little late and want to sneak up to the front of the line, come and find me!

So that you can recognise me, here is a recent pic:¤t=catwomanmovieworld.jpg
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Hey Livian ^_^

Yes, we'll probably be seeing you! I'll be late, as I'll be coming from work. We won't be as flashy as you of course ... we'll have ship t-shirts, a couple of badges and HP style ties.

*is excited*